Financial Teaching Tools


Quick Start User Guide

Set Up

When you first load GSB onto your device the parent set up is required.  This occurs on installation only, and can be edited from the Parents Login Screen.  Subsequent opening will take you straight through to the Parents Login Screen.

Parent’s Details Screen

Enter your details and a 4-digit PIN on this screen. The PIN will be used later to log in to the Parent's Area.

Set Up Children Screens

The app will run through adding your child’s name, their photo, and their date of birth, and lastly just tap ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’.

Set Up Goal Screens

Now the app will take you through setting up the goal. Tap in the name of your child’s savings goal, the cost, the target date  and a photo or image, from the web or device, of the goal.

A confirmation screen will appear when all these details have been input.

Set up and Plan tasks to achieve your child’s goal

From the ‘Parents Login’ screen tap the image of the child to enter their Star Task Bank.

Set Up Tasks

Star Tasks are split into 3 groups:


This makes it easy to focus your child’s attention on a particular group of tasks.

To set a task up, tap ‘+ add new’ and choose a group.

For each group, three suggestions are given which you can use, or you can set up your own by entering the details in ‘Other’.

Insert the amount of money to be earned from this task.

Repeat this process until all the tasks are set up.

All the tasks that have been set up will now be available in the ‘Task Bank’ to be used.

Planning and Scheduling Tasks

You can drag one star at a time to schedule the task for completion on a particular day. By monitoring the ‘Savings Guide’ you can check that a sufficient number of tasks have been scheduled to meet the weekly savings amount.

The app will calculate how much money should be saved each week. Simply, the ‘Tasks will Earn’ figure will turn from red to green once you have enough tasks planned.

The group percentages in the ‘Savings Guide’ show the percentages of tasks scheduled by value in each group. This gives an easy way to check how much attention is devoted to each group of tasks scheduled. Simply add or remove different group tasks to increase or decrease the attention to a group.

Repeat scheduling until all the weeks have been scheduled and the goal amount will be achieved.

Completing Tasks

When a task has been completed, tap the Star Task, and a confirmation screen will pop up. The task can now be tapped ‘Complete’ or ‘Not Done’.

If a task is not completed, a task to replace it can be scheduled.

Along the way, encouragement messages will be broadcast when certain milestones are met, such as achieving a new level of saver.

Levels of Saver (% of goal amount completed)

1%      Mini Money Maker
30%    Groovy Goal Getter
50%    Star Task Conqueror
70%    Star Stasher
90%    Super Saver


The goal has been achieved! There are now 3 options to choose from:

1.  Get Your Goal

GSB makes it easy to go and buy the goal that your child has earned by having a link to 2 major retailers. Again, learning life skills is key at this stage by promoting the idea of shopping around.

2.  Save Your Money

If your child has changed their mind about buying the goal, they can always save the money earned. By tapping ‘Save your Money’, the amount earned will now appear on the Statement as ‘Savings Banked’. This can be withdrawn at any time.

3.  Carry on and Upgrade

If your child has decided that they would like a different item, they can put the money earned so far against a new goal. By tapping ‘Carry on and Upgrade’ details of a new goal are input with the start point having the money already earned icluded.


It’s very important to us at Goldstar Savings Bank that the app is a useful and useable tool, so if you have any problems or any suggestions, then please email us at or contact us via Twitter.